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The BATTERY CHARGE LOW or BATT LOW warning message on my dash is on. What does that mean and what should I do?

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TitleThe BATTERY CHARGE LOW or BATT LOW warning message on my dash is on. What does that mean and what should I do?

Battery Management System

Certain Honda vehicles are equipped with a Battery Management System. This system monitors the battery’s state of charge (SOC) and alerts the driver when it has dropped below a predetermined level via a series of messages on the multi-information display (MID). These messages include BATTERY CHARGE LOW, BATT LOW, and CHANGE BATTERY or REPLACE BATTERY.

Conditions that would cause the battery’s SOC to drop include long-term vehicle storage, accessory use when the engine is not running, and frequent short trips.


If these conditions are present and the battery charge is low, you will see the BATTERY CHARGE LOW and BATT LOW messages on your MID. If you are using accessories, such as the audio system and interior lights, without the engine running when you see these messages, we recommend that you turn off the ignition and remove the key immediately to preserve remaining battery power until you are ready to drive the vehicle. It is possible in this instance that the SOC will be too low to start the vehicle, but most likely there will be enough charge left to start the vehicle if you stop using the accessories as soon as the message appears. These messages simply mean that the battery charge is lower than it should be. Once the SOC increases, these messages will disappear.

If the SOC sufficiently drops while you are driving, the engine control system will raise your idle speed in an effort to increase alternator output, thereby charging the battery.

If you are regularly seeing these messages when the described conditions are not present, your vehicle may need its software updated. Your local Honda dealer’s service department can help to address this issue.


If the Battery Management System determines the battery is close to exhausting its useful life, it may generate a message indicating CHANGE BATTERY or REPLACE BATTERY. The system monitors battery flow and voltage, and if it determines that the battery cannot maintain its SOC, it will send these messages to the MID to display for the driver.

If you receive this message on your MID, we recommend visiting your Honda dealership as soon as possible to have the battery inspected and, if needed, replaced.

You can help preserve your battery’s life and charge by minimizing short trips when possible and limiting your use of accessories when the engine is not running. If you ever have a concern with your battery, please see your Honda dealership.


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